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Women or mothers that are "crunchy" or natural.

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is this ok?? [Feb. 13th, 2006|01:49 pm]
Women or mothers that are "crunchy" or natural.


I am wondering if I am just cursing myself by doing this.

First- background. Bella is 2 months old, and sleeps with us and is breast fed.

My question/situation is this- she rarely naps ( or sleeps at all) with out being held or in motion. For example- today she fell asleep in DH arms at about 10:30, and she slept there until about 12:30-1pm. He was fine with it, he was on the computer ( we have a laptop) playing games, and he was shushing her when she started to wake. Neither of us wanted to put her upstairs in her swing or crib because the times we have tried this she has just woken up minutes later anyways.( we have tried noise in the room and no noise in the room) I have tried wearing her, which works, but I find that I have to keep moving. Now I can do a few things- like laundry and such, but eventually I want to sit and play on the computer, or just sit.
So are we cursing ourselves? Does she need to "learn how to comfort herself?" Or is that all "old school" thought? We are really more AP parents than not, but really I just don't know what to do! :) Is it ok to lay her in our bed since she knows that bed?? I had always thought that she should not sleep there alone..??? Or is that another tale from people who do not co-sleep??
Thanks in advance :)

[User Picture]From: perceval
2006-03-11 09:48 am (UTC)
My daughter is the same - motion rocks her to sleep. She'll also nap in her stroller, or on my lap/in my arms. Give it time, and try putting her down / putting her to sleep in a stroller.
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[User Picture]From: orange_ideas
2006-05-24 03:21 am (UTC)
Yeah, but they don't 'learn to comfort themselves', they just learn to give up. My daughter sleeps for max 1/2 hour in her little chair during the day, unless I am carrying her out walking or something. But we co-sleep, and she sleeps fine during the night. Granted, she is 3 & 1/2 months, but this has been since about 2 months. She does sleep alone in our bed for awhile in the morning - I usually get up about an our before her.

If it is for your sanity, try putting her down where she's used to sleeping. You can always swaddle her or something if your worried about movement.
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